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You Are Looking For Best Waterproofing Solutions, We Are Here To Solve Your Any Waterproofing Related Problems.

Shree Durgai Construction Co. is known for offering Waterproofing Treatment Services to the customers.
we understand that one of the major challenges for designers, engineers and construction companies alike is to protect buildings from the damaging effects of water.
We are reckoned as the reputed organizations, engaged in Solutions for Terrace Waterproofing, Basement Waterproofing, Water Tank Waterproofing, Bathroom & Toilet Waterproofing, Wall Crack Filling & Coating, Swimming Pool Waterproofing and Painting Services.


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We are specialist in all types of waterproofing and painting work. Internal and external leakage/seepage work of flat, row houses, bungalows, offices, terrace, basements and roofs etc.

In today's times, where cities lack gardens in order to make space for housing , where high rise buildings and space restrictions have taken away the garden from the houses, building a terrace garden with whatever area you have is the best solution to connect with nature. We realizes this and provides you solutions to make sure your terrace remains waterproof despite the roof plantation.

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We offer basement waterproofing services as per the requirement detailed to us by our clients.
Dampness and moisture in the basement can lead to the development of mildew and mold. This can eventually decompose the base, though interior waterproofing can avoid the water leakage in cellar it only slightly prevents the interior of the partitions from getting harmed

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In residential building, school, hotel, factory etc although look beautiful yet most of the people are in trouble because of dampness in the roof. To stop it, people get different type of sources like POP paint and false ceiling and water proofing, but after spending a lot of money results are not desirable.
Moisture of the roof is because excessive water used on the roof and because of rain...

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Our Water Tank Waterproofing service includes internal waterproofing for over head tank and external wall waterproofing.
In internal waterproofing for tank, we cover internal and external structural membranes with a layer of quality cement mortar. This is carried out by a team of professionals, which follows streamline

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