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Bathroom Waterproofing Service

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Bathroom Waterproofing Service

Bathroom waterproofing service is amongst the most sought after leakage and seepage solutions due to the kind of damage it causes to other parts of the building. Wet bathrooms with leakage may result into damp walls, leaking ceiling, wall fungus, and peeling paint. Bathroom waterproofing service is the one stop solution to all these problems.

Whether the bathroom has already undergone some conventional waterproofing treatment or is being treated for the first time, advanced waterproofing technology from Metro has solution for all!

We provide high quality Bath Treatment to our customers situated all round the nation. These services are rendered by a team of well experienced professional who have years of experience in offering these as per the client's requirement.

There are many solutions available for WC bathroom waterproofing and all may have their own advantages and disadvantages. Bathroom waterproofing solutions We offer are :


This is the cheapest waterproofing solution that would not even last for months. Grout is the mixture of water, cement, and sand used to fill in the gaps. This is just an external gap filling and may not offer satisfactory results.


In this method, a gel like substance is injected in the bathroom flooring to fill in the gaps permanently and seal the water. However, it doesn’t take into account the cause of leakage and water that has already made its way to other parts of the building.

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